FAQ Traveler

On GLOBEGURU you get the best hotel deals as a traveler, as well as free and discounted overnight stays, upgrades or other benefits. In return, you must post your hotel to Instagram by post or by story to your friends, family, and followers. Win-Win for everyone!

You can see the deal conditions on the respective deal page and additionally in your deal confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail and additionally in your GLOBEGURU profile, once you have successfully made a reservation.

GLOBEGURU guarantees you the best hotel deals, because in return you advertise your accommodation on Instagram via Posts & Stories.

"Benefit Deals" mainly contain cheaper rates as well as attractive upgrades and benefits. For this category you have to have at least 150 followers and a good quality standard in your profile (no offensive pictures, captions, etc.)

"Free Deals" are reserved for influencers with at least 15,000 followers. Here you have the possibility for a free overnight stay or other Benefits.

You request a deal on the deal page by specifying your travel dates and clicking the "Request Deal" button and confirming the terms and conditions. Both you and the requested hotel will then receive the request by e-mail and additionally in the GLOBEGURU profile.

Depending on availability, the requested hotel will either confirm your request or cancel it. This depends on the current availability of the hotel. If you are accepted, you will receive a confirmation (Guruvoucher) with all the necessary details for your request. Up to 48 hours before arrival you can cancel free of charge.

You can request a total of 3 deals per day or destination (city, country, etc.) via GLOBEGURU. We want to generate serious booking requests and avoid unnecessary cancellations for you as well as for our hotel partners.

The confirmation or cancellation of your request will be processed within 24 hours. In most cases, however, you will receive feedback from the hotel within a few hours.

Each hotel has its own individual deal terms and conditions, which you can view on the respective deal page. Usually these are Instagram posts and stories, which are usually described by the hotel (e.g. Post 2 x Stories of your room, spa area, breakfast etc.).

To ensure that you have met your hotel requirements, you need to upload your posts and or stories to your GLOBEGURU profile. This must be done within 7 days. There is a simple upload function for this.

For posts you have to take a screenshot of your complete smartphone screen and upload it to your GLOBEGURU profile. With Stories you have the function "Save to Photo Album" on Instagram, so that your story is saved on your smartphone and you can upload it to your GLOBEGURU profile as well.

You are required to comply with the deal terms of your hotel within 7 days of using the deal and upload your posts/stories to your GLOBEGURU account. If you do not meet these requirements, you may have to pay the existing costs of your deal benefits and may also be excluded from GLOBEGURU forever.

GLOEBEGURU is just an intermediary between you and the hotel. Payment is made on the spot at the reception and is handled like any conventional hotel booking.

We need the following information! First name, last name, address, instagram name and a telephone number. All information must be correct. We do not require credit card information. However, there are hotels that you can only request if you have a valid credit card.

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